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Common Questions:

Why would a golf course give away “free” golf?

You may have heard the adages “try it, you’ll like it” and that “the best advertising is word of mouth.” Our participating golf courses are confident that if they can get you there once that you’ll enjoy your round and return to play again and that you will tell your friends about the course.

What are my responsibilities?

The “Free Golf” program is really a Golfing Magazine Ambassador program of sorts. We ask that all certificate holders conduct themselves as good ambassadors of the game and that you respect and follow all the rules of the participating courses including dress codes and pace of play guidelines, remembering that we are “guests” of these courses that day. Also we encourage you to support each participating course’s snack bar, restaurant and pro shop.

Can I use my credit card to pay for a subscription?

Yes, you may use a credit card to pay for your subscription either online or by calling our offices at 860-563-1633. You may also mail in a check.

How do I buy a subscription for a friend?

You can buy a subscription for a friend online, by calling our office at 860-563-1633 or mailing in a check. If you are ordering online be sure to unselect the “Same as Billing” check box at checkout and enter the name and address of the person receiving the certificate. If you are mailing in a check, please include the information of the person receiving the certificate.

Can I get a gift certificate to give to someone?

Yes. You can do this online, by mail or by calling our office. If you order a subscription online there is a section to add “Special Instructions”. Just indicate that you need a gift certificate there. If you are requesting by mail, please include instructions. Most people find the easiest way to give a gift certificate is to call our office at 860-563-1633.

When do you stop selling the “Free Golf” Certificates ?

Certificates are available for purchase all year long.

When will I receive my certificate for “Free Golf” ?

The first batch of Certificates will be mailed out at the beginning of April, this is when certificates are mailed out each season. During the golf season we will mail you your certificate within 5 days of receiving the order. If you need a certificate immediately in golf season call us at 860-563-1633 and we can print immediately.

How long is a certificate good for?

Each certificate is good for the calendar year in which it is issued.

How many times can I play each course?

You are entitled to one (1) round at each course with the certificate. However some courses offer multiple plays. You would need to ask the course if they would allow you to use the certificate again when you play the course for the first time.

How many magazines will I receive each year?

You will receive 4 digital issues of Golfing Magazine magazines beginning with the month you subscribe for a year.

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